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Forest Fringe Orchards

The orchard began with a small block of saskatoon berry bushes planted in 2003. Since that time, a variety of other fruits have been added to cover almost 60 acres. The various blocks of fruit are interspersed amongst kilometres of shelterbelt trees and natural wetlands.

  • Berry Harvesters

    Joanna Harvesters

    As the authorized dealer in Canada for the Joanna line of berry harvesters manufactured by Weremczuk FMR of Poland, we are proud to be able to offer these machines to other fruit growers across Canada. Various models are available (standard, slim, premium) and may be equipped with a variety of options resulting in a custom-built harvester designed to meet individual orchard needs.(see photo album for details)

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  • Fruit Winery

    Fruit Winery

    After six years of working towards the winery with the construction of the building, licensing, installation of equipment, and testing of recipes, we finally received our Cottage Winery License in February 2016. A variety of commercial batches were quickly started and progressed through their stages of fermenting, clarifying and aging until bottling finally began in the fall of 2016. Our first wines were on the shelf and ready for sale in late October 2016.

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  • Farm Store

    Farm Store

    The on-farm store offers a variety of fruit wines, baked (and unbaked) goods, preserves, honey and fresh fruit (when in season). Frozen goods are also available and new recipes are always being tested to add variety to the store shelves, cooler or freezer.Check out our catalog listed lower left menu but don’t be surprised if something new pops up on the shelves or in the freezers.

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  • U-Pick


    The orchard generally opens for u-pick in early July with the start of strawberry season. This is closely followed / overlaps with raspberry and saskatoons. Dwarf sour cherries and currants become available in August.

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5 Bottles of Wine 5 Bottles of Wine Fall Hive Feeding Jam Back_of_Winery Salsa on Shelf Joanna Cherry Harvest Currants Pressing_Currants
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Forest Fringe Orchards --- NO UPICK 2019 Winter Kill, See you 2020-2021

As a family farm business we are happy to offer a variety of fresh fruit for picking during the summer months as well as a selection of fruit wines, home preserves, baking and honey from our on farm store throughout the year.

Located along highway 55 northeast of Prince Albert Saskatchewan, we are easily accessible and our site offers large parking and picnic areas with restrooms and an on-farm store.

In 2013 we became the authorized dealer in Canada for the Joanna line of berry harvesters manufactured by Weremczuk FMR of Poland. We are proud to be able to assist other fruit growers with custom ordering a harvester best suited to their orchard needs.

Our fruit wines can be purchased at our farm or at these fine locations: Prince Albert: Lake Country Co-op Cornerstone Wine Spirits and Beer (749 801 15th St E, 306 764-9463 ), Saskatoon: Metro Liquor (315 Herold Rd, 306 384-9463), Sobeys Liquor Stonebridge (120 Preston Ave S, 306 244-3980).

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